Embrace the new normal with a new style

In the past few months, the world has experienced a totally unexpected shift. When those office notices, going back from college to home and online classes seemed a surprise vacation, slowly turned into a horrific dream. Someone dear become far distant while some waited each day for theirs to return safely. The journey has been tough this year. It’s has been a year of rediscovery, a year to value what matters you the most but even more about self-expression and care.

Fashion – is mostly perceived as an amalgamation of fabrics, embellishments, embroideries and styling. While in reality it is more about the emotion, identity and expression that has been weaved closely to form a unique piece for a unique person. It reflects your mood and voice.

Here’s a bunch of insights on how you can adapt and style outfits and make it yours in this new normal:

1. Add comfort to your occasional wear

Throughout the pandemic there has been smaller celebrations, work from home and online public events and so we have been dressing fully relaxed. While some of us now look forward for reasons to glam up, casual dressing has seeped into our habits deeply. The whole idea of handling an outfit that weighs a dozen kilogram paired with heavy jewelry, when there’s already so much happening around, isn’t really the norm. Comfort has become a priority.

Invest in lightweight outfits, in softer tones with embroidery balanced with empty spaces. Pieces with flare will help you to walk around easily.

Different combinations of flare pieces with skin fit ones can help you create a new way of layering your outfits. The basic tip is to understand where the garment fits how on your body. Body hugging dresses with long jackets, asymmetrical hemline dresses, fit and flare gowns and warp around outfits can be a good pick for upcoming festive occasions.

If you are among those who like 2-piece sets, then either choose a straight fit bottom with flared anarkali or top. For dress and gown lovers, try different styles of silhouettes to give a fresh yet a very relaxed look.

2. Make your wardrobe multi-functional and sustainable

The biggest point of discussion has been adopting practices that put less pressure on environment and are sustainable. Fast fashion has been on the radar for quite some time now. While whether fast fashion should stay or not is a matter of debate, none of us can deny the fact that we need to look for options that are long lasting and typically essential.

In today's time it is important that we re-wear our clothes and ensure minimum wastage of any resources. Though the challenge here is to yet keep the look different each time and even refreshing. The solution lies in creativity and smart shopping.

Cord sets or sets with multiple pieces are a good way to make different combinations with the outfits each time you wear. This also gives you an opportunity to dress up and down the same outfit based on the event. So, for example if the outfit has lighter top with a heavy bottom, the other time you can use the heavy bottom with some other heavy top. Simple changes such as draping dupatta differently, exchanging blouses or adding a jacket to a traditional look can change the feel from the original outfit. Buying statement jackets is also a good way to pump up your outfit in multiple styles. A classic lehenga that works across seasons is one of the easiest ways to make sure that you own a timeless and a more sustainable piece. Choose colors that aren’t seasonal and are rather muted. Such pieces will despite heavy work will look soothing and suit in varied kind of events and with different relations.

Statement jackets from our collection Kali are perfect to layer your dressy loungewear!

3. Promote hand crafted work

Handicraft artisans are one of the most affected communities from this pandemic. Promoting handicrafts will not only benefit highly skilled and talented artisans but also a way to preserve our Indian culture. Each state has its unique style and craft, choosing some outfits in your trousseau for this season will add a flavor of your personality and stand out amongst the rest. Indigenous items are unique and intricately done. They are sustainable, will last you long and give an edge to your style.

India is blessed with a variety of textiles and crafts. You can choose hand crafted accessories that compliment your outfit or shawl and jackets that is an heirloom tradition of your state.

Footwear and bags provide a wide range of options not just for bridal wear but even as a gifting purpose. Along with adding royal heritage to the entire ensemble, making mindful choices speak of one’s personality and taste.

4. A pinch of personality to outshine

We often pick pieces that are trendy, worn by celebrities or fashion leaders. But apart from being in sync with styles its equally important to add elements that represent your personality and speaks of your identity. Clothes can add to your comfort in a way by where it builds a feeling of homeliness. Home is where you can freely express yourself and experiment with your likes and dislikes.

Pick garments with colors, prints that speak of your ideas and philosophies. By just being vocal about your beliefs, it will not only increase your confidence but also provide certain sense of comfort. It might be an inspiration for someone else. Do not necessarily give in with what society tells you to wear.

Kali - as the collection moves from pret to couture, the artworks were done by the specially abled children of SPJ Sadhna school!

Since every designer collection is based on some inspiration, choosing themes according to your interests is good way to start building a wardrobe tailor made specially for you. Colors and silhouettes can be the secondary selection points. Try a variety of them to see what works for your body type and personality. We all are different so there can’t be a universal guide for all but the tip here is to not settle down until you feel the comfort. Empowerment is a virtue of fashion.

5. Experimentation: Try new styles

All of us now have been trying to find more and more of our identity. What makes us unique, how can we contribute and how to sustain are some of the questions that we try and find answers to, maybe in different forms. One way to truly carve your identity is experiment and be fearless in choices. So why not start with your fashion sense. This upcoming season try investing in styles that you haven’t before, in silhouettes that are different than ordinary.

Millennial women are changing the rules of the game by following her heart while making decisions that she completely owns.

Along with being true to your styles, trying different cuts and shapes of clothes with help find newer kinds of outfits and refresh your trousseau. Only ensure that these changes aren’t too overwhelming, maintain a balance between what you like and what you would want to try more.

Keep yourself open to new ideas as you browse through a bunch of outfits with different colours, styles and themed collections. Till you find the one that fits in your criteria of comfort as well as experimentation. Follow your instinct and don’t hesitate to try styles you have always admired of. Layering can be done in several ways such as some based on colour, materials, motifs, patterns etc.

For bridal pieces we generally reach out for the reds, there are many other hues to choose from. Colours such as soft pinks, baby blue, and emerald green are becoming increasingly popular. Try each one of them before you finalize any particular outfit.

6. Sync your outfits with your environment

In these changing times, we all are caught up in a wave of uncertainty. The least we can ensure is to make our outfits in sync with our environment and make others feel belonged as well. Environment includes season, location and your local traditional outfits.

Look for your location, climate and the event before choosing a heavy outfit specially for weddings. In case the wedding is in summer at a location of hotter terrain, opt for light-weight fabrics, brighter colors. While for winter weddings you can choose thicker fabrics, heavier embellishments and full-sleeved lehengas. For all other pret or occasional wear, understand the tradition of your region and adapt likewise. So, for example for a wedding in west of the country, the same saree can be draped in a different style and accessorized likewise. Choice of fabrics also differ from region to region based on their rituals.

Local flavor helps be in sync with others and make more familiarity and by adding your personal touch to it, stand out at the same time.

7. Invest in smart accessories

Accessories bring the whole look together. You can change the entire feel of the ensemble by changing shape, colour and wearing heavy or lighter pieces. The rise of digitization has made its way in our everyday activities. Smart accessories come handy and even makes our lives easier. There come in fashionable chunks as well.

Smart jewellery is technology driven accessories which work on data, artificial intelligence and internet of things. while these may sound like dull, boring looking pieces but you are absolutely wrong. Smart jewelry looks graceful and elegant, perfectly suited for a modern woman in advancing world.

For lounge and party wearing such minimalistic jewelry makes the look cleaner and sharper. It gives a less clumsy look to the ensemble where the garment is already heavy enough. Choose statement pieces that contrast the ensemble or one with hues that compliment your look. While in traditional accessories you already must be owning a wide variety of pieces such as jhumkas, choker, haath phool, mathapatti, kadas, chandballis, nath, bangles, maangtikka, rings etc., add technology driven jewellery to your collection as well. Post pandemic the world is moving towards a data revolution, add smart jewellery pieces to edge your look.

In such difficult times we as a society have to come together and support each other. Make comfort a way of living both physically and mentally. And if fashion can help us take a step forward, we shouldn’t hesitate. Go ahead, build a space where you can feel free. Make home for others and spread empathy.


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