About Us


Pallavi Goyal

The Story of Pallavi Goyal

Our creative director, Pallavi Goyal, started work in the world of bridal fashion at the mere age of 16.

She then went on to start her own design studio which she had single handedly ran for over a decade.

She founded this label in the year 2017 to establish her niche in the Indian luxury clothing industry.

From that day to today, we have seen the brand grow exponentially every year. With multiple fashion weeks, celebrity affiliations and campaigns embodying the essence of the brand, and of its creators.

We continue to bring our unexpected vision and direction to the Indian bridal clothing industry.


Why do we call ourselves an Indo - French Couture brand?

For years now, we have seen a very traditional look of Indian bridal clothing, with little evolution in terms of its overall look.

Our intention was to make bridal wear that evolutionised with the generations. An ensemble that fits the aesthetic of a modern bride. Something unique to emote their individual personalities, something comfortable and versatile to wear. But at the same time something that retained the original essence and the beauty of Indian craftsmanship.

French couture is much like that rich embroideries, luxury fabrics and impeccable design.

Over the years, we have mastered a perfect blend of two, original to the bride herself, creating the perfect ensemble for her special day.